Het Koenehuis in Den Haag proud owner of unique quality label


Customer experiences as an objective source for new label

You want to be sure that your new kitchen will – literally – be installed without problems? To feel like the old adage ‘The Client is King’ holds true from the moment you enter the store until the kitchen is complete? The new Consumer Label from the Vereniging Comfortabel Wonen (Comfortable Living foundation]) can help. Het Koenehuis, located on the Maanweg in Den Haag is one of the first proud recipients of this quality mark.

Unique quality mark

We all know the horror stories – told at many a birthday party – about buying and installing a new kitchen. Late or incomplete delivery, sloppy installation and failure to meet service agreements are the most commonly heard complaints. But stories about bankruptcies and vanished down-payments are all too common. One might start to wonder if buying a new kitchen is such a good idea… That’s too bad, because a well-designed, attractive kitchen is one you’ll enjoy every day. Which is why the Vereniging Comfortabel Wonen has created the unique ‘CW Consumenten Label’, the Comfortable Living Consumer Label. A reliable quality mark you can trust. Because a kitchen is often a significant investment, and one you cannot simply take back.

Annual re-examination

The CW Consumenten Label is unique. The foundation does not determine whether the retailer in question meets the required norms, but asks the customers. A specially created foundation acts as certifying institution. This ensures the objectivity of the quality mark. The questions asked are broad; How are your experiences with the salespeople? Was the offer clear and complete? Was the delivery made on time? Was the kitchen complete, undamaged and did it meet the specifications ordered? How did the installation process go? How were any warrantee issues dealt with? And, finally, how were you treated as a customer? These are just some of the questions asked. Whether one would shop at the same store again, recommend it to friends, and what grade one would give the kitchen store are the final questions on a long questionnaire.












Annual re-evaluation

In order to ‘earn’ the CW Consumenten Label, at least 90% of the questioned customers must grade highly. If this is not the case, the label is not issued, and the kitchen store in question is advised to sort out one or more areas. Subsequently, a new screening procedure can take place. The entire process is supported by a register accountant, who also provides an accountants statement with each issued label. The CW Consumenten Label is something that needs to be renewed every year. Certified business are re-evaluated by new clients every time, so delivering constant quality is essential.

Recognisable reliability

For you, the consumer, this quality mark is an excellent aid in identifying reliable kitchen retailers. Of course things can go wrong. A kitchen isn’t a car you buy ready-made, but a product assembled from numerous products in a consultative process. All products must integrate properly, and there must be clear lines of communiation between all involved parties. Delivering exactly what is expected requires significant expertise. A kitchen retailer with the Comfortabel Wonen Consumenten Label has proven their ability to deliver professional quality and fully satisfy its customers.

More information

More information about the CW Consumenten Label is available at www.comfortabel-wonen.nl


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