Interior In 7 Steps


The first steps

The beginning, exploring the available space, its dimensions, your ideas about the room’s function. If you’re having trouble defining your own ideas, or have little time to do so, we will think along. Het Koenehuis is there to support the client.

A foundation is created for the structure. For your kitchen or bathroom architecture. Or maybe you’re looking for a special tile for the living room or terrace. Or custom-made tables or cabinets. Het Koenehuis can cater for all your wishes.

Orientation in the store

You can orient yourself in the showroom. Explore the wide variety of offerings Het Koenehuis has available for kitchens, bathrooms, tiles and open fireplaces, and examine the ‘interior’. The interior design that fits your taste and meets your requirements. We call on our own cabinetmaker to create cabinets, tables and other furniture to order.

Unique and suited to your ideas. Anything is possible at Het Koenehuis, as it has already been for 91 years. It’s a statement that means something. In addition to an exchange of ideas, we can make an appointment for a design sketch. A clear picture of the interior you are looking for starts to develop.

Suitable drawing and offer

Het Koenehuis will advise you down to the smallest details. How will the room be laid out? The picture is complete, featuring furniture, fittings, appliances, tiling. Remodelling is discussed; where needed, we can help you find a contractor.

We give clear advice on the use of materials and colours, as well as the choice of brands. The drawing that is created, in addition to the detailed price calculation, are part of the project costs.

Complete picture and a fitting offer

The entire plan for your new interior is complete. Your ideas combined with our expertise and creativity have been integrated into a definitive offer. The choices have been made, the financial situation is clear, the delivery dates are set.

Once we know what to expect from each other, you sign the offer. You can count on Het Koenehuis; we will support you through the entire process of creating your new bathroom and kitchen architecture.





Suitable agreements about the contractor

Het Koenehuis is usually involved in interior work that goes beyond merely installing a kitchen or bathroom. In the event of extensive remodelling, you can select a contractor from our list. These are contractors we have good experiences with, and who provide guarantees for the remodelling and delivery.

You contact the contractor yourself, and ultimately negotiate the price and decide on who to hire.
But we will still support you throughout the entire process; after all, it’s also about installing the materials and appliances we are providing! We offer you the safety of knowing you can trust us and the selected contractor to take care creating your interior for you.

A house that fits

Your interior is completed and delivered. The contractor has done his job, the tiles are grouted, appliances, fittings or fireplaces are being installed. Including items created by Het Koenehuis’s own cabinet shop.

There is a five year warranty on the entire delivery. You will receive a signed proof of warranty as well as a maintenance booklet.

Time will reveal what the service is worth

Kitchens and bathrooms are created using prefabricated components that are only melded into a cohesive whole once installed. Even the best suppliers are only human; sometimes things go wrong. What’s important is how quickly and effortlessly mistakes can be put right.

That’s where the quality of the service becomes apparent. Fortunately, most of our clients do not require the renowned Het Koenehuis service! But if there is a problem, you can always count on us.





7 Steps
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