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A House That Fits

Just like a suit or a dress, a house needs to fit perfectly. A kitchen needs to fit your lifestyle, and your way of cooking. It needs to fit your desire to eat and live in it. Or to simply allow you to prepare your meals quickly and easily. You choose a bathroom that fits your hankering for bathing pleasure and luxury. Or one that suits your need for simplicity, a low-maintenance bathroom designed for quick showers.





Remodelling is often necessary. Do you want to choose your own contractor, or would you like Het Koenehuis to advise you? The choice is yours! This website shows you the seven steps to a perfect interior. With tiles for living room or terrace, open fireplaces or custom cabinets and tables. The way you want it.

A seven-step plan that will deliver a suitable home. A house that fits! (click here for an overview of the interior in seven steps)




7 Steps
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